Genuine Cuban / £8.50 Havana Club 3yo, fresh mint and line, sugar syrup and lots of crushed ice with a splash of soda.
Raspberry / £8.50 Havana Club Especial, fresh raspberries mixed to the recipe above.
Passion Fruit / £8.50 Same mix as above but with a passion fruit purée.
Royale / £8.95 Royal treatment! – soda is replaced with Champagne!


French / £8.50
Absolut Raspberri vodka, Chambord black raspberry liqueur, fresh raspberries and pineapple jus … Délecieux.

Vanilla and Passion Fruit Martini / £9.50
Absolut Vanilla vodka, passion fruit purée, fresh lime and sugar syrup are shaken and served straight up with a shot of prosecco served on the side!

Espresso / £8.50
Fancy a coffee? Try this instead! Absolut Vanilla vodka, Kahlua, sugar syrup and a shot of fresh espresso.

SOURS / £7.30
Choose from Beefeater Gin, Chivas Regal 12yo whisky or Disaronno.  Combined with sugar, lemon juice and dash of bitters, served over crushed ice

Woo Woo / £7.30 glass / £21.95 sharing pitcher
Absolut vodka and peach schnapps topped with cranberry juice and a squeezed wedge of fresh lime.


French 75 / £8.95
Beefeater Gin, fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup are shaken to chill, then topped up with champagne.

Bellini / £8.95
Passion fruit purée topped off with champagne.

Kir Royale / £8.95
Champagne with a dash of créme de cassis.


Bramble / £8.95
Brockmans Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and cassis.

Dark and Stormy / £8.50
Kraken dark rum, Old Jamaican ginger beer, lime juiceand sugar syrup.

Old Fashioned / £8.50
Monkey Shoulder, bitters, brown sugar, dash soda and orange peel.


1. LOCH NESS Highland £4.80
Real and rare; stands on its own as a sipping gin. Premium, handpicked “Black Gold’ juniper, crisp full bodied water from Loch Ness and some secret ingredients. (slice of kiwi)

2. KINRARA Aviemore £4.80
Each bottle is individually numbered with each batch having only 240 bottles! A fruity and floral gin with a hint of rosehip and slight sweetness. A juniper led dry gin with a subtle orange finish. (orange peel)

3. BLACK THISTLE Angus £4.80
A brand new well balanced, smooth and crisp gin. The Scottish spear thistle is central to this gin’s DNA along with traditional gin botanicals and citrus hit. (lime slices)

Something a wee bit different …?

4. EDINBURGH GIN – Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur / £4.80
A classic flavour pairing, rhubarb and ginger delicately balances sweetness with warming spice. This liqueur is around half the alcohol of gin.

Premium Favourites …

5. THE BOTANIST Islay £4.80
In true Islay style; a bold, complex gin. Abundant zesty notes lead you on a vibrant journey through the twenty two localy foraged botanicals. Complex yet smooth. (lemon and thyme)

6. HARRIS GIN Isle of Harris £4.80
The nine specially chosen botanicals seek to capture the elemental nature of the island, particularly the maritime influences of the seas which surround on all sides. Sugar kelp is key to the subtle coastal notes! (pink grapefruit)

8. BROCKMANS England £3.90
The only gin on our list not from Scotland … Now forget everything you know about gin! Blueberries and blackberries, followed by orange and lemon peel, then the classic juniper. (blueberries)

9. ROCK ROSE Caithness £4.80
It gets its wonderful flavor from a carefully selected and put together creation of local and traditional botanicals (toasted rosemary and orange peel)