Vegan Menu


28th July – 10th August 2022

Please advise staff BEFORE you order, if you require information about allergenic ingredients
in our dishes.


GF: Gluten free


Please note that prices may vary. Please see staff members for further information.



Soup of the day (GF) £4.95



Pineapple and cucumber salad with fresh coriander, toasted pumpkin seeds,
lemon & mustard dressing, fresh watercress (GF) £7.95

Sweet and spicy Hummus with dressed salad

Extra virgin olive oil and toasted seeds £7.95



Green pesto and Spinach Linguini with cherry tomatoes,
garlic crumb and watercress


Beetroot and garden pea Risotto with toasted seeds, garlic crumb and her oil





Artisan fruit sorbet (from Mieles Geletaria) and fresh seasonal berries £6.95