Vegan Menu


5th May – 18th May 2022

Please advise staff BEFORE you order, if you require information about allergenic ingredients
in our dishes.


GF: Gluten free


Please note that prices may vary. Please see staff members for further information.



Pak choi, bean sprout and Edamame bean salad with chilli ginger dressing
toasted sesame seeds and fresh coriander
(GF) £7.95


Soy bean, asparagus and fennel salad with toasted almonds and blood orange dressing (GF) £7.95





Crispy fried Polenta cake with vegan meatballs
Marinara sauce, fresh herbs and toasted garlic breadcrumbs £15.95


Stir fry of Edamame beans, bean sprouts, pak choi and fresh coriander
vegetable & spring onion rice and chilli ginger sauce (GF) £15.95




Vegan dessert of the day £6.95

Artisan Fruit Sorbet (from Miele’s Gelateria) and fresh seasonal berries £6.95